Energy Efficient Windows

Resurfacing The Walls
Resurfacing The Walls by coffeechaser

The Energy Star Windows have been installed. They look great and the panes are double hung swing-ins for easy cleaning. The kitchen is covered with dust and I'm patching the holes. I've created a monster remodel well over my original intentions. If I had it to do again I'd refinish the cabinet paint and invest monies elsewhere!

Resurfacing The Walls
Resurfacing The Walls by coffeechaser


Getting Started

Back to the demolition. I've removed the dividing wall and started removing the wallpaper and old plaster texture. I salvaging the existing Sheetrock and installing Energy Star windows.


Kitchen Layout Planning

Planning the kitchen layout with strings and boxes for a much better take on scale and flow. I'm back where it all started. U-shaped kitchen with sink under the window. I'm going to keep it open by removing the wall cabinets and using open shelving.


An Empty Kitchen

What started as simple kitchen update has turned into an all out demolition. I have no kitchen and everything that was once here is scattered about the house. The plan has changed: buy what I can, when I can. I'll replace things in due time sourcing from Craigslist and sales.


Time For A Change

I've decided it's time to update the kitchen by adding a dishwasher updating the flooring and painting the cabinets. Keep sliding the refrigerator around to see which location will work. The cabinetry was built in place and solid. I'll extend the counter and built the cabinets myself. The tough part was ripping up three layers of laminate flooring. The original vinyl remains as I ran out of steam.


I'm A Homeowner

It's no surprise that moving is a big ordeal. It's been a month and things are still finding their place. The Bar is setup as is the coffee station. I have Espresso to keep me going and booze to clam my nerves. What I need is a stack of gift cards and a small party of friends. The kitchen here is slightly than the duplex. I'm lacking a dishwasher and the 24" oven is small and both have the dreaded tile counters. I'm home with a smile organizing my things; it's good to be a homeowner!


My New Kitchen

Kitchen As Purchased
Kitchen As Purchased by coffeechaser

There is a lot to love about moving into your first home. Mine is hardwood floors, gas appliances, and larger kitchen. The duplex had a small corner kitchen with limited counter space. Liked its charm and colorful playfulness. My first kitchen is boxed but open. The 12x20 space shares a dining area and flows well. I can't wait to move in. The refrigerator is the first to go. It's missed placed and stinks!