Talking Loud, Saying Nothing

Skipped out on the kitchen remodel last night to have drinks & dinner with co-workers. The conversation was intensely technical as I'm charged up about networks, servers, backups and the mundane tasks of IT people. I did purchase a dishwasher for the remodel before damning the replacement of under utilized servers. In typical geek fashion I pull reviews and checked Consumer Reports when making purchases. The Bosch dishwashers were found to be the best performers. Having made a strong case for the Maytag dishwasher; I must recant to say I've purchased Bosch. The SGV43E43EU dishwasher is rated second to the Whirlpool 2300 series as best of the budget class. I got mine for a fair price also it's 6 decibels quieter than the Maytag. I'm losing some credibility with the IT consultants but the functions of my basic dishwasher will be fully utilized until it's replaced!

Bosch SHE43P06UC Review

SHE43P06UC Bottom-Line Ratings:

This Bosch dishwasher has very good overall performance. It earns high marks for cleaning, drying, loading, capacity, noise, style, efficiency, and there are no performance areas rated below average. The style is considered to be premium, and it's MSRP is about $30 higher than the price of an average dishwasher. The SHE43P06UC is a good value for your money. The suggested retail price is about what we would expect to pay for this level of performance and style.

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