Roofing Worker

The roofing crew is here today to replace the roof. The house is being re-birthed as the work continues I'm surpassed with peace on this Easter weekend.

Finished Roofing

The roof has been replaced in less than a day. Imagine a team of ten working graceful in tune like a Singer sowing machine. They removed the old composite shingles and cedar within an hour. Next they hammered the old nails and decked the roof with OCB. While taking a break for lunch the remaining materials and second dumpster arrived. I sent an email when the felt paper was rolled out. When I returned the edging shingles were going down. I watched the work in progress as if I were Antonio from HGTV. Walking around giving orders I gabbed the phone to call my bro' and headed to the bank. I picked up some grub, returned with my life savings. The roof was done! The crew was picking up. The time just after 1 o'clock. I guess that's how it's goes on television. The cameras were on my plan was working and all that was left was the presentation.

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