Settled at 90 Fahrenheit 62 Celsius

Settled at 90 Fahrenheit 62 Celsius

With great disappointment and immediate call to action I arrived home to a dysfunctional HVAC unit. The system was blowing but the house remained hot. I turned off the energy-star-programmable-thermostat as the house reached 90 degrees. I noted temperature outside was cooler and so raising my low-E windows. Boiling with sweat and frustration, I exited the steam box to visit Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sears and Craigslist with a plan for the summer. It was a single room plan involving a window A/C plus several portable fans. I could make it through the summer then replace the failing HVAC with an environmentally friendly unit in the winter.

As I shopped the plan seemed foolish. I had planned to save then pay cash but I needed comfort now! Using credit with suffering on a bean burrito budget for the summer made sense. I returned home without the window unit remaining hot and sticky as I browsed the net developing a new plan.

My existing unit was inefficient. It had a 10 seer 2.5 ton system with R22 refrigerant. The condenser outside was fairly new while evaporator coil inside was fairly old. The furnace and blower were in great shape. Therefore the evaporator needed a coil replacement. Great, I’ll make some calls and have it replaced! The cost for a replacement was 40% less than the cost of a complete 13 seer HVAC replacement. This was the crossroads. I could follow a 16 seer energy-star-trend thus eating bean burritos for six more months or replace with a less efficient system while adjusting my diet for an extended summer.

I decided to go with a complete replacement. I purchases a Payne 3.0 ton HVAC system with an ADP evaporator coil and Payne furnace. I spoke with an entourage of service men as well as the folks at Sears. Sears proposed a Carrier unit while the service folks recommended the Payne units. I chose licensed service men to install the units. They vacuumed the lines installed a drier on the high line. They also used ductboard for the flute. I was able to snap this pic during the install while they answered 100 questions.

Payne Condenser 3.0 ton

The Payne units are simpler Carrier makes without the bells, whistles and cost. Everyone recommended quality install and service for sustained life span. My existing furnace was Payne so was confident in the brand.

The new unit professionally installed and working like a champ!

Payne Furnace 3.0 ton

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