Hardwood Flooring Installation

Subfloor Removal
Subfloor Removal by coffeechaser

The walls have reached state of uniformity and are ready for texture. The ceiling was a royal pain as it's paper backing would pealed. I've sanded the old and applied new texture. Frustrated I've moved on to installing the hardwood flooring. I made it half way through removing the sub-flooring before deciding it would take thee nights a week and three weekends to finish the job alone. The next day I called floor installers. I was able to work out a cheaper rate having the materials on-site and and the kitchen cleared. For the day rates of two guys and additional $150 to foreman the flooring was installed and sanded the next day. I planned to stain and seal the floor myself. Once they arrived we worked together and finished within eight hours.

Hand Planed Transitions & Corners
Hand Planed Transitions & Corners by coffeechaser

Hallway Transition
Hallway Transition by coffeechaser

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