Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets Installed
Cabinets Installed by coffeechaser

Mr. Fuller -badass with power tools- visited to install the kitchen cabinets. He is a friend who knows more than I about carpentry and so I played second fiddle most of the day keeping the beer cold! The process was simple yet time consuming. We started by marking the studs and finding the floor's high point. Working from there the cabinets were shimmed, squared, and leveled. We added some filler pieces to the corners for hardware clearance and moved on to the next cabinet. Each unit was secured to the wall and the adjoining cabinet. If your are installing cabinets make your own shims as we did. Set the saw to 1.5 degrees cut a 6" block with the grain, flip the board and cut again.

Final Layout
Final Layout by coffeechaser

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