The Shiner Family Fridge

The Shiner Family Fridge
The Shiner Family Fridge by coffeechaser

When I cleared the kitchen for remodeling everything went into the adjoining rooms. The dishware, table, cookware went into the living room. The stove and refrigerator into the hallway. I focused on acquiring materials & tools needed to complete the job. The bedroom later became a cave to house the kitchen cabinets. The food perishables remained safe stored in the fridge until I found a great deal on flooring. I arrived home with 17 bundles of solid oak flooring at $1.35 per square foot and no remaining storage place. I had an hour to unload before returning to work. The car was loaded and so I scrambled. The entrance way items were pushed into the living room and hallway. At that moment I unplugged the refrigerator thinking I'll grab and extension cord and plug-in later. After getting the wood inside I locked the house and returned to work. Almost a week later -because I was broke and the refrigerator was damn near empty to begin with- I opened it up and trashed everything. I can't cook at the moment so I've restocked with liquids, eggs, and lunch meat. Cheers!

Liquids & Eggs
Liquids & Eggs by coffeechaser

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