Kitchen Pantry

The pantry has been closed for months during the remodeling. I'm not surprised by the expired goods and plaster dust. Since committing to The Kitchen Cure at ApartmentTherapy.com I'm opening the door with a renewed focus. We are tasked with cleaning out the pantry and mine is shameful. I’ll throw out more items than I keep then reorganize what remains. The Cure has come with great timing I’m wrapping up the remodel and could us some fresh stock. Over the weeks ahead the goal is simplifying the kitchen. The challenge will be balancing cooking to match my life habits. I am a meat & steamed veggies cook. My Asian inspired kitchen pantry must transform to suit my style. I'll keep my favorite flat noodles and cast away the bean paste and fermented fish sauce. Life is about embracing the stages at the moment I’m focused on soul food and The Great American Hamburger. When the remodel is over I should have a fabulous kitchen with some cultural richness in the pantry.

Weekly To-Do List:
Clean Out Pantry
De-Clutter Equipment
Deep Clean & Beautify

Dusty Shelf
Dusty Shelf by coffeechaser

Dusty Top Shelf
Dusty Top Shelf by coffeechaser

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