Ikea Lagan Countertop

It's Valentine's Day and I'm running around Ikea for countertops! I've spent weeks researching and schedule appointments for Granite, Corian or Concrete counters. All were well over budget the most outrageous was Sensa Granite from Sears at $7500. The most humbling would have been a Wilsonart laminate DIY effort. I already had plywood for the job but wanted to stay away from laminate. I then visited Ikea's website with a rumor they were discontinuing their stainless steel countertops. In fact they were for $20 per 6' foot sheet. When I arrived I found the stainless too thin and prone to scratches. Out of options on this day of love the walked out with the newly issued LAGAN solid beech butcher block counters. The NUMERAR product is a long-standing Ikea hit at $169, however the thinner cheaper $59 LAGAN is right for my budget. The kitchen is approaching 70's wood grain overkill but plans change as does life. I'm going retro!

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